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Sealed Automotive Battery for Venezuela

BESTART is the perfect combination of two advanced technologies used in the manufacturing of sealed automotive batteries of high performance that offer three benefits: longer duration, security and comfort.
Sealed Battery Technology, that seals the battery and maintains constant electrolyte levels, making the process of dealing with a battery more comfortable and secure Maintenance free so it does not need addition of water
Premium pasting plates with alloys that reduce water consumption, discharge rate and allow maximum start capacity
CTC System (Controlled Temperature Charge) of initial charge that allow the battery to supply with more energy during longer periods of time than conventional batteries, making this battery the ideal one for hard work
High pressure die casting that diminish corrosion of battery terminals
Available in different sizes, configurations and capacities that suit any vehicle of American, European or Asian origin

  • 24MR1000
  • 85071000
  • Venezuela Sealed Automotive Battery

PerformanceLevel                  @ 27ºC(A)

Reserve Capacity(MIN)Dimensions(mm)LayoutTerminalWeight

(amp)(min)LengthWidthHeight Total Height 

Venezuela SMF Automotive Battery 
22M - 80012800902241731872081A15.5
22MR - 80012800902241731872080A15.5
24M - 11001211001202591722022221A18.2
24MR - 11001211001202591722022220A18.2
34M - 850128501052621751852061A16.8
34MR - 850128501052621751852060A16.8
36M - 70012700702061751741741A11.2
36MR - 70012700702061751741740A11.2
42R - 80012800902411751751750A14
43M - 900129001052791711731731A16
43MR - 900129001052791711731730A16
45M - 65012650852371282012211A12.5
45MR - 65012650852371282012210A12.5
78M - 900129001202631811851851S16.6
94R - 950 129501203121731901900A19.5
N40MR - 60012600601961282022200B10
NS40MR - 45012450601961282022200B9.6
NS40M - 45012450601961282022201B9.6
27M - 950129501203051722022221A20
27MR - 950129501203051722022220A20
30H - 1100121100150331173220236CA24.3
31M - 1100121100160331173220236CT24.3
49M - 10001210001603511741901900A23
4D - 12501212502505082162012244A35.6
65 - 10001210001203031901701901A19.5
8D - 14501214503805092642172374A48.1
4D - HD1215003505082162012244A40
8D - HD1216504205092642172374A53

• High Capacity.
• Long life.
• High CCA and good starting performance.
• Good charging acceptance and vibration resistant performance.
• Application of advanced PE type separator.
• Application of TTP technology.
• Advanced sulfate-resistant technology.
• Advanced calcium lead alloy technology, maintenance-free design.
• Reliable labyrinth-like seal design.
• Lead alloy terminal apply heavy load.
• Full ranges models, good appearance and high standard design.
• Long - lasting Service Life                
• Reliable Starting Power
• Excellent Electrical Performance        
• Unique Design for Safety

Starting, light and ignition for car, Tractor, Mine vehicle and Mobile machinery shop.

Starting and ignition for the diesel motor or gasoline motor

It can be used as power for car, Tractor, Mine vehicle and Mobile machinery shop.

Passenger Cars and SUV’s,commercial vehicle ,truck and tractors



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